Spun Silver Productions is an up and coming multimedia publishing company. Our work involves web based e-books, print books through Amazon, and webcomics as well as art media. We are looking for new and aspiring authors and artists to help them get published.


More than anything, our goal is to bring various underrepresented cultures into a more mainstream light. The three main focuses are Geek, Pagan, and LGBT culture. Our company is run by members from all three of these cultures, as well as more mainstream culture. We pride ourselves in being all inclusive, non-discriminatory and open to any and all ideas.


What makes us different from other e-book publishers:

  • We request NO upfront costs. There are NO fees.

  • We take the same risk you do, and only get paid when your book sells.
  • You are in charge of pricing and publicity.
  • We give you a leg up by putting out a press release about your book.
  • We will try to connect you with an illustrator, should you need one.
  • We will answer any questions you have about the process in a timely manner.
  • We focus on three main areas of under represented, or misrepresented, cultures: LGBT, Geek and Pagan cultures
  • We do not force you into long term contracts. Each book has its own contract with an initial term of 1 year. After this period, renewals are offered at a term of no less than 3 years.
  • We give some of the highest royalties available today (40% of net profit) among publishers who request no fees.
  • We handle all of the technical aspects of creating a working e-book, which includes inserting fully linked chapters, link resources, appropriately done footer/header add-ins, etc.
  • We use Kindle Direct and Smashwords to put your book into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible. Because of this, we actually format your book two different ways to avoid formatting errors in conversion.
  • We will not publish a book until it meets your specifications, and we will make changes immediately, should you see any issues that need correcting that our people missed.
  • You will get a spot on our “Current Authors” page, with picture and short bio, as well as links to any websites/social media sites you have pertaining to your work.
  • Your book will be shown as “Most Recent Publication” until another book is published. It will also be listed in the “Published Works” page.
  • We will connect you with our resident PR manager/publicist, should you require help with publicizing your book, or creating websites/social media pages to advertise your book. If you feel this would be needed, you can discuss that further with me personally at (adrianmichael@spunsilverproductions.com)


How are you different from other print book publishers?

  • We list all fees upfront. There is really only one fee for printing a book, and that is for expanded distribution to bookstores and libraries. For free, your book will be listed on Amazon.com only.
  • We leave you in charge of final decisions. The book doesn’t print if you don’t want it to.
  • We do not hold any rights to your book.
  • We give you the highest royalty rate available from the start. There is no need to sell a certain number of books to make it work.
  • We leave you in charge of price, though there is a base minimum to cover production costs. This price is listed in the contract, along with the fee for expanded distribution.
  • Nothing hidden, no gimmicks, no solicitation e-mails

Now, the “fine print”: We do not accept all applicants, and strive to maintain a positive view of the genres we specialize in. We cannot guarantee your book will sell, but we can guarantee you will be treated with respect, even if your book has difficulty in sales or reviews. We do not guarantee a contract renewal at the end of your term, nor do we expect you to renew, even if we would like to continue our business relationship. We do not currently translate books into other languages. Should you want your book available in multiple languages, you are responsible for finding a translator, or translating it yourself.

Payment and royalty details are outlined in detail in our contracts, and we will answers any questions pertaining to the payment schedule and royalty math as soon as possible after the information is requested. We do not do your taxes, and you are in charge of filing your own earnings report with your state. To do this, we will supply you with a W-9. This is used to file a 1099-MISC form with the IRS.

As you can see, we do not hide anything. We do not seek to cheat, swindle, or otherwise deceive.

We seek only to get good literature out there to readers.